Demand and Quotation

Demand could not be easier! Sufficient is in most cases a simple description of your idea, ideally accompanied by a simple sketch.

For example, here is a simple description of the fence whose sketch you can find in the gallery below:

I demand a total of 15.5m gabion fence, proded into the shape of "L" (ie around the corner). It consists of a flat wall with a length of 3.5m, followed by a gap for the goal and continues for another 8m. At 90 ° (around the corner) the fence continues for 4m. The height of the fence will be 1.8m. Mesh mesh 5x10cm (landscape).

And it is done! Leave your contact for additional details. We will design the assembly of baskets, fasteners and calculation for you free of charge.

Do you still find it complicated? No problem, just call us and we will create the proposal together by phone.


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