Gabion baskets, fencing and furniture

Gabion baskets from KOVOS, spol. s r.o. represents unique solution of wire baskets, which achieves combination of atemporal bauty of gabion construction with simplicity and speed of construction of modular systems.

Forget the laborious cutting of meshes (all wires in the cut area corrode within 14 days ...), assembly of spirals, half a meter thick bulge fences ... Thanks to our system on the prepared base you put baskets for your fencing yourself in one afternoon. And in unbeatable quality. 

Our gabion system is most often used as representative fences and decorative elements in modern and urban architecture. Furthermore, it serves to adjust the slope of the terrain by cascades. These baskets can be used to assemble various walls, fences, nooks, noise barriers, high flower beds, as well as fireplaces, facades, stairs, benches, tables, etc. using any combination. Use is limited only by your imagination. Internal stone or other filler is the customer's choice.

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