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Powder Coating


Paintshop / Powder coating

 In area of 800 sq meters we provide powder coating on the automatic line from Swiss company ITW GEMA and a part of it is pre-phosphating. This technology complemented by the latest application cabine is a highly productive way for final treatment of many surfaces by powder coating.


  • We use automated powder coating
  • Quick change of color tone
  • Application of the powder is carried out in automatic electrostatic powder booth or with kinetic gun. For small series we are equipped with hand-held spray booth.
  • Line with preliminary surface treatment for steel, zinc and aluminum materials
  • Curing of powder color is carried out in the tunnel oven with regulation of temperature and speed of painted parts transit
  • Monitoring the whole process of painting

Maximum proportions of painted parts

  • 2700 x 1000 x 1300 (lenght x width x height)

Maximum weight of painted parts on 1m of the conveyor

  •  160 kg

Suitable materials

  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron

Preliminary treatment, part of a line

  • Lenght: 11m

Part of material preliminary treatmant before powder coating is a thorough degreasing of material surface. For degreasing is used an aqueous solution containing product DURIDINE 3803 IT heated to a temperature of 50 - 55 ° C. Product is intended for degreasing parts from iron and steel and it creates a protective layer on the surface, composed of ferrophosphates in a thickness of several tenth of microns. Phosphatic layer is firmly anchored in a metal substrate, and significantly improves the adhesion of paint.

Link kapacity / day

  • single-shift: 1000 ²
  • two shifts : 2000 ²
  • three shifts : 3000 ²

Overall conveyor length

  • 118 m

Desiccant furnace

  • Length without closure: 32 m
  • Max. temperature: 220 ˚ C

Powder coating

  • Robotized workplaces
  • Manual coating - for complex parts


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