KOVOS, spol. s r.o.
Družstevní I 221
CZ - 763 21 Slavičín, Hrádek na Vlárské dráze

Tel.: (+420) 577 342 324
E-mail: kovos@kovos-slavicin.cz

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Packaging according to customer specifications. We offer all types of packing materials, including the possibility of sorting in consumer packaging.


We pack your products to prevent damage during transport. Using all available packaging materials, which may be specified by the customer. Above all we use this packing materials:

  • Bubble wrap
  • fuser film
  • foam poluetylen
  • polyethylene - Polythene film
  • cartons (boxes, stickers, corner elements)
  • special packages

Assembling and finishing works

After the painting of certain products is to be made simple assembly operations (assembly of wheels, different labels, seals, etc.) that offer to streamline your production.

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