KOVOS, spol. s r.o.
Družstevní I 221
CZ - 763 21 Slavičín, Hrádek na Vlárské dráze

Tel.: (+420) 577 342 324
E-mail: kovos@kovos-slavicin.cz

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Our company was established as a purely czech company in 1991 and since the beginnig it is focused on production from steel wire (wire program, steel wire components) and powder coating.

Our products are ,among others, retain units for wooden EUR pallets, stainless products, cashier and detail racks, dividing walls and barriers, portable storage containers to cooling plants, grape-transporting containers, containers for bottle storage, champagne vinious fermentation containers and many others.


Productions specialisation, experiences from early comming to czech market, connections to head european suppliers and at last but not least investments to modern technologies and vocational growth of our employees ranks KOVOS Ltd. among the top in it’s field.

We know that the quality of services is in today's severe competition decisive factor in choosing the correct supplier. We know that the first-class materials and manufacturing technologies is incomplete, that we must add something extra - the ability and willingness of our employees and suppliers. All trading partners – suppliers are therefore carefully chosen and reviewed in order to maintain a high standard of quality.


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