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Gabion baskets - decorative terrace

These gabion baskets are suitable for various landscaping, gardens, making curbs on walkways, lawns, also as a cascaded terraces, so that you will solve the problems of the terrain downhill using these assembled walls.

Assembled wall could be also used to create opaque on the border or by pool. Skilled and creative people will certainly find other possible usage. Stone or other basket filling depends on each customer. Available are a large number of ornamental stones and various boulders, so the resulting design of any finished wall can actually create each customer. So anyone coul create his own unique design. Another kind of product is called "decorative terraces“. The purpose of these products is to create interesting architectural design solutions around houses and bungalows in gardens, parks, etc. We offer several types of decorative terraces. Each terrace is supplied as a complete set of straight networks with simple assembly and bending to the desired shape is achieved a final appearance. After filling the terraces by ornamental stones and possibly by substrate, anyone determine the final design by usage of various flowers, bushes, ornamental trees, fountains, ponds, etc. More about these products you can find in the section „display of products“.

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